About Lili's Tea

It was my love and passion for tea that inspired me to develop a total concept where experience is essential. The sugar cube and the lovely pouch, the carefully drawn packaging, the graceful cups and plates ... everything has been created with the greatest care.

Lili's Tea (a fusion of the names of my two daughters, Alice and Lidia) is available in 8 flavours. A colourful and aromatic range; pure pleasure for everyone passionate about tea. Picking tea leaves is so delicate that those of Lili's Tea are only touched by the hands of women.

The aspect "purity" is extremely important to me and therefore was a determining factor in choosing the production country. Sri Lanka, known for its infinite respect for nature, the organic cultivation and the absence of child labour. Cultivation, packaging ... Everything happens on the site. Therefore, maximum quality can be achieved and maintained. Furthermore, in this way we contribute to the enrichment of the local economy. The fact that part of the profit is intended for children who live on the plantation (studies, health/medicine...) emphasizes the purity of this concept.

My intention? Give the tea drinker the feeling that he is at the beginning of an imaginary journey, because tea is and will continue to be a story which has to be experienced to the fullest ...